New Episode! Episode 4 - Don't Fuck It Up

Okay, I know this is WAY overdue but better late than never. Here's an old ep we recorded probably close to a year ago. I haven't even listened to it lately so it could have ANYTHING on it! Let us know what you think! Or don't! 

Check it out here


ON THE MIC - with Mike and Mikey

You're on the mic! Welcome everybody. I'm excited to announce our new podcast starting this week. "On The Mic - with Mike and Mikey" is a project my brother Mikey and I have wanted to start for a long time and now its happening. Our first episode will record this week and be up on our homepage soon after. In the meantime, follow us on twitter @onthemicpod

I can't wait to hear what you all think! Be seein you soon. 


Kristi Verrian - Personal Trainer

Great shoot today!

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I had the pleasure of working in the studio with Kristi Verrian on some shots for her website. I'm looking forward to seeing them when her website is finished. Website link to come. Enjoy these ones!